Gramovox: A Bluetooth Gramophone that Leaves You Speechless

Do you want to decorate your house with a classic yet very suitable to a modern life style? Have you ever seen a gramophone? Yes, this antique has almost been forgotten. So, there is a contemporary breakthrogh for creating this entertainment piece alive again. Named Gramovox, this piece is a Bluetooth gramophone, isn’t amazing? The […]

Posted in: Furniture     December 20th, 2014

Furniture Product and Room Designs for Your Incoming Christmas

You may have a look at the best product and furniture designs in November 2013. These product and furniture designs are covering all genres of styles in interior designs. This time, we have Scandinavian Christmas decorating ideas, minimalist Christmas décor ideas, and vintage charm in ladder décor, Moroccan-inspired tiles, and Christmas table settings. To start […]

Posted in: Furniture     December 19th, 2014

The Most Trending Houses for You to Redesign Your Divine House

How is your house? Do you want to reconstruct your house in a way that represents your character the most? Here are some ideas for you to get inspired and you can adapt them to find the most suitable comfort that can define your house. The first model to start with is Villa F with […]

Posted in: Architecture     December 19th, 2014

Trending Bathroom Designs in 2013 that Inspire You

You have to think meticulously on how you will design your bathroom. Thus, we cover your demands on showing you trending bathroom designs in 2013. There are fireplace bathroom, stone bathroom, wooden bathroom, bathroom with plants and flowers, rustic bathroom, marble bathroom, tropical bathroom, Moroccan bathroom, sea-inspired bathroom, bathroom with brick walls and ceilings, feminine […]

Posted in: Bathroom     December 18th, 2014

Authentic Bedroom Designs for You

After you work in such crazy hours, you need to be comforted with your cozy bedroom. There are some bedroom designs that you can adapt and define your character. These bedroom designs are categorized in Scandinavian, masculine, spring-inspired, feminine, barn and brick walls, beach and sea inspired, tropical, boho chic, rustic, summer, and Moroccan styles. […]

Posted in: Bedroom     December 18th, 2014

Alternative Kitchen Designs for Your Favorite Home

The time has come for you to believe that every house or apartment will be practical if you have kitchen. Now, what can you do to have a cozy kitchen that you feel like you want to cook every time? Here are some inspirations for your kitchen designs that are categorized in masculine, dream barn, […]

Posted in: Kitchen     December 17th, 2014

Dining Room Designs for Your Varied Demands

What can inspire you to design your dining room in the way that you want it the most? These ideas may help you design your dining room in an elegant yet beautiful way. We have shabby chic, elegant masculine, spring-inspired, elegant feminine, wonderful Moroccan, airy rustic, and boho chic. For you to design in shabby […]

Posted in: Dining Room     December 17th, 2014

Do You Have Outdoor Spaces to be decorated in Cool Designs?

There are many alternative ways to make your outdoor spaces enjoyable. So, if you want to get inspired, you can have a look at these possible ways to make your outdoor spaces look beautiful. You can have patios, outdoor kitchens, pebble garden paths, outdoor decks, backyard ponds, rooftop terraces, and outdoor bathrooms. For patio designs, […]

Posted in: Interior     December 16th, 2014

Home Office Designs You Must Have a Look at!

Now, for you who work at home, we provide you with various options that have been considered the coolest home office designs. Do you want to have a look at them? They are categorized in five home office designs: boho chic, elegant feminine, natural rusticity, thespian masculine and cozy nooks. In boho chic home office […]

Posted in: Office & Workstation     December 16th, 2014

A Beachside House that Offers Natural and Airy Atmosphere

There is a feeling that you cannot deny to have experienced a moment of relaxing with your surrounding when you have a house on a beach. You will be thrilled to have such an opportunity to have a house like this one. Located in Bondi Beach, Sydney, this house is naturally bounded with the landscape […]

Posted in: Interior     December 15th, 2014


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The Natural Private Residence By Joeb Moore and Partners

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