The Wall House by Farm

This house is designed by FARM in 2013. This project is aimed for retired couple which cannot enjoy their old day. In case, this house is very popular. This house is located in Singapore. There are two important areas designs. You will find private and also social areas. Those areas are become in one inner […]

Posted in: Architecture     April 23rd, 2014

Modern Chic in Soho

This modern chic apartment is built in Soho, Manhattan, New York. If you are interested with this modern apartment, you can rent in short term time. There are various perfect views in every room and outside views. This decoration is inspired from big apple and also other perfect spot. From the wall decoration before we […]

Posted in: Apartments     April 23rd, 2014

Cat Mountain Residence

Located in Austin, Cornerstone Architects makes awesome home design and d├ęcor with cat mountain residence. The characteristics of this residential are coarse landscape, interior home that designed with stone and exposed ceiling. Use stone wall and layered design roof, this give beautiful appearance. The front house has wide and large windows that makes the inside […]

Posted in: Hotels & Resorts     April 23rd, 2014

Luxury Beach House

Enjoying your holiday will perfect when you have your own beach house and relax with luxurious and glamorous style. Located in Maldives Island, this beach house is made by high class style by Iruveli and offers luxury of serenity level starts at 5 rate. With ethnic style, this will bring you rest and peace of […]

Posted in: Hotels & Resorts     April 23rd, 2014

Chair House Design

The rock ocean coast concept is appeared again by Igor siroto in his creative architecture called Chair House. Chair house is using neutral tones as the main element for making this house amazing. With simple design, this house makes people who love minimalist idea in elegant and contemporary view. Different with other high rise building, […]

Posted in: Architecture     April 22nd, 2014

Hill Country Home Design

Follow the latest home designs that will inspire you for residential architecture and commercial place. Be inspires with Hill country residence that architected by cornerstone architecture, Texas. Finishes to built in 2011, this house give the owner comfort and cozy with its wood touch and combination with metal and steel for the furniture. The house […]

Posted in: Hotels & Resorts     April 22nd, 2014

Green Street Pent Apartment in USA

Many people are well aware with green street pent house apartment project in of USA. In fact, the creator also adds indoor part of this apartment with furniture that has natural element and material in it. As a result, it can make the apartment appear unique too. This type of apartment is actually great option […]

Posted in: Apartments     April 22nd, 2014

Bossley the architect of Bay Waterfall Exotic House in New Zealand

New Zealand is great place to live. Bossley created nice house in this place with waterfall bay theme. It is filled with natural element and fascinating blue color. It is said that when applying best decoration of house like this, it will be able to make the look of house becomes better than before. Then, […]

Posted in: Architecture     April 22nd, 2014

Maienza Wilson the Creator of House with Butterfly Beach Theme

The house with theme of butterfly beach created once more. It is the architect Maienza Wilson success in making awesome look of house. The creator introduce house with nice color of background. Did the color only imbued in wall background only? Of course it is not. The color applied in this house is imbued from […]

Posted in: Architecture     April 22nd, 2014

Steven Holl and his Masterpiece Created in Korea

Steven Holl architect introduce new appearance of house through daeyang gallery. The house itself is located in Korea. When people apply the best design of house to be applied, they will be able to make nice appearance of house that they need. In addition having house with stunning appearance is good idea. It is obvious […]

Posted in: Architecture     April 22nd, 2014




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