Living in the Coastal House by Costa Brava

Have you been wondering about having the best property in Spain? Well, it is now offered for you the private resident area in costal Spain. We can just say the design of this property as the coastal house. It is because this private house was built near the coastal area in the 16,000 square feet. […]

Posted in: Apartments     April 18th, 2014

Visiting the Cambrian Hotel

Are you going to visit Switzerland for holiday? You must know that if you want to go for having fun at some places, one of the most important things to be prepared is that where you will stay. Hotel is the best choice that is usually chosen by people. If you are going to visit […]

Posted in: Hotels & Resorts     April 18th, 2014

Have this Unique Eclectic Apartment in Budapest

When you visit Hungary, take your time to visit Budapest where it is the location of the eclectic apartment that is built by Shay Sabag. What does it make different with other apartment? This apartment is different with the other apartment that is built around the world. This apartment has the design like a loft […]

Posted in: Apartments     April 18th, 2014

Winter Holiday in the Petit Chateau

Are you confused to spend your winter holiday? Do you want to try the different holiday? There is one suggestion place that can be your reference to spend your winter holiday with your family or with your lovely friends. The name of this place is the Chalet le Petit Chateau that is stood in French […]

Posted in: Hotels & Resorts     April 18th, 2014

Enjoy Your Sleep with Roche Bobois’ Bed Products

Bed is the one important interior that has to be in your house, especially in your bedroom. Without bed, you cannot enjoy your rest after you tired with your all day long activities. And to support your comfort when you sleep, you have to know what material that is used to make that bed, whether […]

Posted in: Architecture     April 18th, 2014

Modern Apartment by Eno Getiashvili

Apartment is just like a house for some people. Yet, sometimes many people have a problem with their apartment design. With the size of area that is not big enough, it can make people difficult to redecorate their apartment. And now, this article want to share the one invention that can be your inspiration to […]

Posted in: Apartments     April 18th, 2014

Twisted Cabin, a House Optimizing the Contour of Terrain

Twisted Cabin is made to challenge the contour the mountain gives. It should be admitted that building such house on the uneven contour has its own advantage and challenges. JVA may find the advantage by designing as what nature gives while facing difficulty to deal with certain on uneven degree of contour. This house is […]

Posted in: Architecture     April 18th, 2014

Villa a Como, a Modern Villa in the Heart of Nature

The basic idea will be homey and wood dominated villa in the surrounds of nature, but Studio Parco Piva made it the other wise. Without enhancing the natural effect the nature has given, they make a modern living which is successfully standing side by side with the nature itself. Being located along the Lake Como, […]

Posted in: Architecture     April 18th, 2014

Home-Like Office by Morgan Lovell

When Morgan Lovell designed the Rockspace Office in Hyde Park Hydes in London, UK, he was clearly inspired to create an office with the feeling of home for the employees. Each floor was designed completely representing each part of the home without ignoring the importance of office itself. All activities in this 100,000 square feet […]

Posted in: Architecture     April 18th, 2014




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