Rocking Bedding Set to Rock your Feel and Mood

Are you tired of your bedding set? Do you want to look for another model of bedding stuff but you cannot find one with appropriate function you need? The problem with bed has the important matter related to the sleeping quality we have, and of course the more bad our sleeping quality is, then the […]

Posted in: Furniture     September 21st, 2014

House V02: The House Design in Simplicity and Minimalist

Who says that making the house with only white or grey color is bad? For those who like the simplicity concept, this idea might sound so refreshing. When you really disagree about the color fusion maximizing, then you can compromise with this kind of house design in this article, using the simple one or two […]

Posted in: Interior     September 21st, 2014

Nabisco House: The Loft House with Artistical Display of Guitar Assortment

The interior design of a house would be a different if the owner is an artist or creative people with much wild inspiration that need to be implemented. The uniqueness is always becoming the characteristic of the creation, and for sure there must be something special. Like this loft house that we want to show […]

Posted in: Interior     September 20th, 2014

Clever Working Space Idea with Numbers of Storage Solution

Talk about the perfect workspace, how do you think about the perfect workspace should be? Well, according to our surveys, some of you will probably answer that the best workspace is the one with good and appropriate air circulation, and some of you will just answer that workspace should be simple and clean. Those answers […]

Posted in: Furniture     September 20th, 2014

Modern Family Home with Entanglement of Openness Interaction

The modern family home concept nowadays are basically able to be identified, if it is not packed in simplicity, then it is packed in plan living space. The most favorite model in use now is the open plan concept since it gives the effect of vast interior as well as believed to give the children […]

Posted in: Interior     September 19th, 2014

The Vision of Gorgeous Bedroom Design by Eduardo Aruga

The way how a bedroom called beautiful or astonishing is actually not coming from how large and expensive the furnishing in it. The key point of making a beautiful bedroom design requires not the large, but in the arrangement. The arrangement here is universal in use, whether it is on the ornamentation or the placing […]

Posted in: Bedroom     September 19th, 2014

TriBeCa Penthouse: the modern living with Outstanding View via Triple Terrace

Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if a house has expansive view all-round the house? This kind of house is exactly kind of place if you do really agree with the concept of freedom in life. Once you hold that kind of perspective of freedom, the open plan house is no longer appropriate and the saying […]

Posted in: Interior     September 18th, 2014

Peter’s flat: Small Apartment Design Packed with Hidden Storage

If you say that small apartment cannot be fostered about, you are in a big mistake. Nowadays people are more likely preferring to the minimalist concept, and YES, it still able to be manipulated. When the space is become the most terrifying problem, the first thing you must avoid is the thought about making such […]

Posted in: Apartments     September 18th, 2014

Interesting Home Gym Design Brings Modern Sport to Your House

The healthy way of life has lead people to bring sport facility at home. The busy schedule they have does not allow them to have free time to do sport and also go to gym. One of the solutions they chose is applying home gym at their house. They apply many different home gym designs […]

Posted in: Architecture     September 17th, 2014

Mediterranean Décor to Make Up Your Interesting House Design

Talking about house design from Middle East, we will remind to the elegant of Mediterranean house and architecture. Mediterranean house is identical with the use of textured material and also artistic art deco. The gorgeous of the decoration makes some people want to have the décor applied on their home. So here we will give […]

Posted in: Interior     September 17th, 2014


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