Gorgeous Contemporary Home with Stunning Construction

The gorgeous contemporary home which is situated in the Bel Air, California offers the fresh living. It is because this residence is built in the hill range which is rounded by the green environment. Of course, you will inhale the fresh air as produced by the trees. The ingenious architect has developed the modern style […]

Posted in: Apartments     October 25th, 2014

Fabulous Amsterdam Apartment with Natural Decors

The fabulous Amsterdam apartment becomes one of the chic references for you who dream of the cozy living. The ingenious architect has conceptualized the luxury style is designing this apartment. Sometimes, you think that living in the apartment is limited by its narrow space. However, you could disagree with that by scrutinizing the Amsterdam apartment. […]

Posted in: Apartments     October 25th, 2014

Elegant Apartment with the Artistic Decors Invite the Fantastic Living

The elegant apartment in Brussels which is designed with immaculate style offers the cool living. Located in the green environment, the soothing ambiance is spouted that will add the nice comfort. Besides, you can inhale the fresh air produced by the big trees. On the front yard, the green lawn is outspread that will vary […]

Posted in: Apartments     October 24th, 2014

Captivating Oceanique Villa Offering Daft Living

The private beach villa called Oceanique which is located in Phan Tiet, Vietnam offers the daft living. Do you know why? It is because this villa is situated in the front beach that enables you to enjoy the amazing natural scenery with perfect ocean breeze in every second and single nook even when you sleep. […]

Posted in: Architecture     October 24th, 2014

Modern Bedroom with Mediterranean Style

Actually, bedroom becomes the first space that you step on when you are so tired to refresh your body. So, setting this space as cozy as possible is so necessary to get the nice comfort. If you feel comfortable, you will have sound sleeping that you never concern again on the disturbance such as louder […]

Posted in: Bedroom     October 23rd, 2014

Inspiring Design Ideas of Feminine Bedroom

For you who look the great design of feminine bedroom for your daughter, this article will be your fortune. It is because this page will discuss about the inspiring design ideas of feminine bedroom that will inspire you a lot. There are many awesome designs with stylish styles which can be your reference. With its […]

Posted in: Bedroom     October 23rd, 2014

Studio Apartment with the Lovely Arrangement Tucked in Manhattan

If you live with your own, minimalist studio apartment will be enough as the place to live by yourself or one more person in addition. Minimalist scenario is nowadays getting the attention of society because its simplicity and practical scheme that matches the live in modern days, moreover in downtown district where everything need to […]

Posted in: Apartments     October 22nd, 2014

Cheerful Apartment with Fantastic Hue Decors

The cheerful apartment designed by Mooseberry architect is so wonderful. It is because this apartment is conceptualized with the unique style by decorating the hue decors with versatile use which offers the fantastic living. Of course, you will be in the pleasant mood that will never be in bad boredom. So, this can be the […]

Posted in: Apartments     October 22nd, 2014

Living Room Design in Scandinavian Style Effect to Taste

One of our crew is originally from Swiss. When the first time she arrived here, she often feel so homesick about her homeland and it is really annoying because it will affect due to her moody work. We then later called her and asked her what was going on and we did know why. Well, […]

Posted in: Living Room     October 21st, 2014

Acapulco House: Modern Architecture with Superb Geometry Scenario

One photographer we know namely Marcelo Scandaroli who also works for architecture company has gladly shared a living place called Acapulco house that he just snapshotted it recently on his project with us. Since we are a good friend, we just gladly smile with open hand to receive his good faith in sharing these photos. […]

Posted in: Architecture     October 21st, 2014


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