Building the Nice Beach House Concept of Your Own

Beach house is something that everybody wants. However, not every people are able to build or buy one. If you are going to build one, maybe you should take a look at the nice beach house concept for your inspiration. The first thing that you need to have for the concept is an area where […]

Posted in: Architecture     November 22nd, 2014

Using the Simple Mini Bathtub for the Small Sized Bathroom

Having a bathtub in the bathroom is one thing that almost every people dreams about. Unfortunately, bathtub needs big space to put and not every people has the large space to put the bathtub. If you really want to have the bathtub in your small bathroom, maybe you can consider using the simple mini bathtub. […]

Posted in: Bathroom     November 22nd, 2014

The Impression of Mint Color Furniture for Your House

We all know that mint is something cool and refreshing. However, do you know that actually the mint color in the house is able to give you many impression of the house? If you love the mint color furniture to put in your house, you have to be careful, since the colors are able to […]

Posted in: Furniture     November 21st, 2014

How to Build a Simple Mallorca House in an Easy Way

Some of you might have been wondering what Mallorca House is. Basically, this is a style of the house that is usually applied for those who live near the beach. If you are living near the beach, you can try to apply the simple Mallorca House style in your home. The basic things that you […]

Posted in: Architecture     November 21st, 2014

Stunning Hotel on the Fogo Island that Will Spoil Your Holiday

What comes first to your mind when you arrive on an island and find a wonderful building? You can say the word you want to express your surprise. It is what happens to us when we found a stunning building on the edge of the Fogo Island. It is a five stars hotel designed by […]

Posted in: Hotels & Resorts     November 20th, 2014

Villa Di Gioia Offers Elegant Living House with Italian Architecture

Once more we found a house with Italian architecture that you will love. It is the Villa Di Gioia designed by Pedone Working. The house is located in Bisceglie, Italy. The contemporary design of the house makes it looks interesting and inviting. Let’s explore! The exterior of the house is designed with white concrete facade […]

Posted in: Architecture     November 20th, 2014

Gorgeous House with Amazing Lake View in New Zealand: Dublin Street House

A house that features the amazing view of nature such as lake is sure interesting to explore. As a house that we found in Queenstown, New Zealand offers this feature. The house is called Dublin Street House and is designed by Kerr Ritchie. Besides offers an amazing view over a lake, this house also has […]

Posted in: Architecture     November 19th, 2014

Design Accessories Décor Brighten Your Mood

Springtime eventually comes with a greater inspiration for you to decorate your lovely homes. What about flowers? And how about the decoration that involves daffodils? That must be a different tone in your spring moment. With the fact that daffodils are so bright, they will brighten your mood every day. Now, the way that you […]

Posted in: Furniture     November 18th, 2014

Copper Design Ideas Home Décor for Fall

Fall is identical with the color of copper. What if we decorate our beautiful home with any furniture made from copper? Indeed, as fall comes, copper will eventually match the color of falling leaves. However, the feeling of that color somehow is only felt outside our home. Now, let us include that copper color into […]

Posted in: Furniture     November 18th, 2014


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Lime Green Bedroom Furniture Set

Contemporary bedroom should be decorated with bright colors to make you feel fresh and comfort sleeping there. Lime green bedroom decoration is best choice to feel fresh atmosphere. Modern bedroom with Lime green art deco by Eijjfinger looks natural. It goes with wood bed divan and bedside table. Indoor plant, curtain, quilt and rug enhance […]

The Glass Pavilion as the Most Minimalist Style of Home by Steve Hermann

The modern minimalist home becomes something popular in the recent years. That becomes really popular since a lot of people are trying to get their home to be as minimalist as possible in the modern style. One of the well known architects, who are stunning on the modern style home design, Steve Hermann, created the […]

13 Awesome Images Of Rooftop Garden Design

If you don’t have large space in your yard, why don’t you make use of your rooftop as your garden? It’s a new trend to build small rooftop garden with some chairs where you can relax and enjoy the scenery. 13 awesome images of rooftop garden design include some ideas for your rooftop garden. Even […]

Innovative Interior Decoration – Classic Design of Modern Kitchen

Kitchen is not only a room space which is used as coking or eating, but it can be favorite are you can enjoy every day during cooking time. Since kitchen is mostly used in everyday life in a house, therefore, it has to be designed in proper decoration. One of innovative and creative design is […]