Futuristic Retreat with Stunning Interior Décor

Created in open floor concept for the interior space, this futuristic retreat brings uniqueness yet stylish look to the home décor. Generally, it is decorated with modern furnishings that are creatively arranged. Besides, it uses modern open floor idea to perfect the decoration and in order to create larger ambience to the home interior. If […]

Posted in: Interior     September 15th, 2014

How to Contrast Bright Penthouse Smartly

To tell you the truth, contrasting the bright house is not that easy. Beside is we must understand the best spots to contrast it, it is also important to know what colors which are able to perfect the bright hues of the house. Although it is neutral, bright colors will be more alluring if it […]

Posted in: Interior     September 15th, 2014

Breakfast Bar: The Interesting Home Space to Start the Day

It is simple designing a breakfast bar in our house. Sometimes, it needs more space if we have a big family. Conversely, we can make it as casual as comfortable if we are a newlyweds or small family. Seems like the other breakfast or dining area, breakfast bar needs to design as awesome as stylish […]

Posted in: Interior     September 14th, 2014

Ways to Beautify Home Curb for Exterior Perfection

There are ways to do if we want to make the home décor beautifully awesome including through the outdoor space. As the post before wrote, we can begin with either front or back yard. Beside is that, we might be able to beautify our house naturally with interesting garden décor too. Seems like the garden, […]

Posted in: Exterior     September 14th, 2014

Awesome Country House Designed Exquisitely

What if we offer you the interesting country house which is designed not only is lovely, but also stylish? We understand sometimes it is bored to see this common home design. However, it will be that alluring if you design your house by following the tips we bring for you. Don’t let your home décor […]

Posted in: Interior     September 13th, 2014

Things You Should Notice Before Decorating a Bachelor Pad

Don’t move to the other page if you want to find more inspirations for your bachelor pad. Here, we are going to show you the most awesome yet contemporary decoration of apartment that you’ll love. Beside is through the pictures, you are able to design it interestingly by following the tips that we have below. […]

Posted in: Living Room     September 13th, 2014

Garden Residence Décor for Earthy Home Living

Having a refreshing and natural home is one of my dreams. If it is you too who love this, you can decorate your home living with this awesome decoration. Completed with alluring backyard design, the garden residence brings relaxing ambience to home environment, not only is to the exterior space, but also the interior for […]

Posted in: Interior     September 12th, 2014

IKEA Catalog: Inspiring Pictures for Your Beautiful House

As the catalogue before, IKEA always brings the best design to perfect your home living. Not only is that, the innovative ideas that are able to dazzle your home décor are also put in this post. Through the IKEA catalogue, you can find more than just a smart room décor. More than that, it is […]

Posted in: Interior     September 12th, 2014

Inspiring Light Décor Ideas to Improve Your Interior Design

One of the things that can improve the design of a home interior is the light décor. Lighting decoration can create a certain theme and also look to an interior. Applying an appropriate light décor will make your interior looks more interesting than it already is. This post will give you some light décor ideas […]

Posted in: Interior     September 11th, 2014

Bachelor Pad Decoration Ideas to Help You Enjoying Your Live

For those who live alone, it will be too big to live on a house. They often choose to live on an apartment or a bachelor pad. For this bachelor pad, they often use the standard design without any improved decoration. They sometimes do not think about a decoration to makes their living home looks […]

Posted in: Interior     September 11th, 2014


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The Green Orchard England

Living in the modern place should be one of the important things that people want. There are so many designs of house which are offered for people today. What kind of house do you want? Is it minimalist? Or is it modern? Or even is it quite natural and traditional? Well, there are so many […]

A-cero’s Modern Concrete House: A Glimpse to Elegance and Modernity

Are you interested in the architecture field? You should know the A-cero’s Modern Concrete House. The A-cero architecture has fully constructed this house on the 28th July 2010. When you step a closer step to look the Concrete House II, you will notice the elegance and modernity of this house. There are so many interesting […]

Eduardo Arruga’s Bedroom Exudes the Miraculous Feeling

Bedroom is just like the vital retreat in your home. No matter how old you are, everyone needs this area privately and personally for their own business. For designing your bedroom, of course, you will replenish by some stunning details of the bedroom furniture and it could well be tempted to exude the miraculous feeling […]

Private House Concrete and Glass Wall Aspect by Weinstein Vaadia Architects

A house in Tel Aviv, Israel adapting greenhouse design, the design of the L -shaped building surrounding the swimming pool. This house wants to bring a contemporary impression with pale colors and accents surrounding the park. The main point of this design is to present a broad impression of occupancy and beautiful, and comfortable for […]