4th of July Décor in Front of Your House

4th of July can be described as one of the best day in the United States of America. That is why many people celebrate the Independence Day, and you also need to do the same thing. The 4th of July décor is something that you will need if you said that you are one of […]

Posted in: Furniture     July 24th, 2014

Weekend Retreat in Lake House in Texas

If you have not got the spot to go for your weekend retreat, you might want to consider to spend your weekend for a retreat in Texas. In Texas, there are some lake houses that you can rent to spend your weekend with your families. This is one great idea if you want to totally […]

Posted in: Architecture     July 23rd, 2014

Summer Retreat Ideas in the Back of Your House

Summer retreat can be something that many people want, especially if they can have it in the back of their house. If you have a considerably large space in the back of your house, then the summer retreat ideas might be something that you need to make your summer feels better. The most important thing […]

Posted in: Exterior     July 23rd, 2014

Intoxicating Natural Wooden House Designed Contemporarily

If you think a wooden house can only create natural and earthy ambience into your house, you are definitely wrong. It is because a wooden house even with the simple design can evoke modern and intoxicating look if you are able to design more than just an interesting wooden house. By utilizing the furniture and […]

Posted in: Architecture     July 22nd, 2014

Ingenious Modern White Residence Idea

In order to make a large home living, many people and designers design their home in white. This way is definitely right for those who have small house. Then, what about the large white residence? Is it right when you color your spacious house in white? Well, in fact, it doesn’t matter as long as […]

Posted in: Furniture     July 22nd, 2014

Beautiful Home Living Designed Ingeniously with Velvet and Art Deco

The home living we have in this post is decorated incredibly beautiful with alluring arts. Colored in violet, this home interior evokes modern and artistic, indeed. It is because the designer uses extraordinary touch to the wall design. Then, to perfect the beautiful effect into this house, it also uses beautiful paintings and art deco. […]

Posted in: Living Room     July 21st, 2014

An Unconventional Penthouse Designed with Mirror

For having an unconventional penthouse design, most people play with the room arrangement and color palette. However, there is an extraordinary way that will make you surprise because it is designed uniquely using mirror. If people usually use mirror to create a large effect for the small penthouse or apartment, this penthouse use unique mirror […]

Posted in: Furniture     July 21st, 2014

Multifunctional Stylish Furniture Ideas

Have you ever imagine that now you can have the very functional home furniture to perfect your house? Designed elegantly, this furniture is able to be a seat yet side table. Made of foam, the color of the furniture is also elegant yet classy because it utilizes dim grey. Then, for the furniture shape itself, […]

Posted in: Furniture     July 20th, 2014

How to Create a Devine Nursery Designed Safety for Your Babies

Unlike creating a master bedroom and teen room, creating a baby nursery needs extra care before a baby has high sensitivity. That is why parents must note some important things before creating and decorating a room for their baby. Besides, it is also significant to make the baby nursery as comfy as safety, indeed. More […]

Posted in: Baby Nursery     July 20th, 2014

California Cabin Resort for Your Holiday

Many people are spending their holiday with their families; you might also be one of them who also do the same. If you want to have another holiday, you might want to try the California cabin resort for your next holiday. There are some reasons why you want to choose the cabin resort in California […]

Posted in: Architecture     July 19th, 2014


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